Not 100% MTBIt's not an easy task creating a bike store.  In fact the longest sticking point was a name.  After weeks of endless texts between Mat and I, and any other random's opinion we could ask, 'Bikeaholic, 100% MTB' was finally decided upon.  

It was easy to establish a list of what services and products we wanted to provide riders with the creation of our store, but exclusions?  Now this was tricky.  We had limited space to work with (and capital being independent)  and 'cycling' is now so broad, from BMX to fixies, DH to Road where do you draw the line?

Our aim wasn't to be exclusionary but to entirely focus on the genre of riding we grew up with and were most passionate about, anything else would feel foreign. Sure I've sold road bikes previously, but its not my passion, (or Mat's).  For this small business to work and gain a great reputation meant sacrificing a large market sector to allow us to be true to what we love and not to try and be all things to all riders, and fail to appeal at all.  

Sorry if you are a Roadie but to put a couple of Road bikes on the floor would be just 'token' and we like to do things properly.  Its so cool that now 6 months in, that Mountain Bikers (not cyclists) enter this store and get to talk to fellow Mountain Bikers. There is no disconnect. Now if we could only agree on wheel size.