Absolute Black Sram Gxp/Dubb Dm Boost Chainring Pvd Oval Rainbow

Absolute Black Sram Gxp/Dubb Dm Boost Chainring Pvd Oval Rainbow

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The Original one and only Premium absoluteBLACK Sram compatible Direct mount BOOST 1X Oval narrow wide chainrings in PVD Rainbow (oil slick) colour. Designed for GXP, DUB and Long BB30 cranks. This special PVD Rainbow Titanium coating process makes the chainrings very durable and incredibly beautiful. It is the most Premium oval chainring on the market with scientifically proven performance gains.

This oval chainring with 3mm offset converts any Sram crank into Boost specific setup. Boost and non-Boost Sram cranks are identical. All the offset is achieved by the chainring itself. Our regular OVAL chainrings for Sram cranks have 6mm offset whether this one has 3mm.

It is ideal for 1x 9/10/11/12 system and Singlespeeds! Our oval (elliptical) chainring does not compromise the work of the clutch mechanism in rear derailleurs. It also does not require a chain tensioner when using in singlespeed applications. Riding out of saddle uphill will become more pleasant. These chainrings also help you to recover after knee injuries as pedaling becomes smoother and less exhausting. It is the most advanced oval chainring currently on the market.

NOTE: Due to the nature of PVD process, every chainring is unique and color may vary. Not a single chainring is the same which makes your new ring completely individual.