Burgtec MK5 Pedal
Burgtec MK5 Pedal
Burgtec MK5 Pedal

Burgtec MK5 Pedal

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Bigger, grippier, lighter, and as tough as ever. The Penthouse Flat MK5 pedal is here!

Retaining our signature toughness, the MK5 is the lightest and grippiest Burgtec pedal to date. We did this by not only increasing the size of the pedal platform but also how concave it is. Furthermore, we reduced the diameter of the pins and adding the most wear-resistant internals on the market. 


  • Weight: 379g (Steel Axle)
  • Platform material: 7075 Alloy
  • Profile: 15mm
  • Platform: 100mm x 102mm
  • Dish: 2mm (concave)
  • Pin material: Stainless steel
  • Pin height: 4.5mm
  • Axle Material: EN24T Steel

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