Chapter2 Mana2 Handlebar
Chapter2 Mana2 Handlebar
Chapter2 Mana2 Handlebar
Chapter2 Mana2 Handlebar
Chapter2 Mana2 Handlebar

Chapter2 Mana2 Handlebar

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In the never-ending search for more speed via optimised Aerodynamics, CHAPTER2 introduces the MANA, which means “power” in Māori.

The Integrated Bar + Stem combo allows air to flow over it smoothly, creating a seamless and elegant cockpit made 100% from TORAY® Carbon and tested to EN ISO 4210:2014. The careful use of specific carbon lay-ups made in Japan creates just the right blend of stiffness for accurate and predictable steering yet enough “give” to take the sting out of any uneven road surfaces.

Whilst other manufacturers have opted to pair their Bar and Stem combo to a specific model of frame, we have taken a more inclusive approach, designing the MANA to not only work fluidly with the RERE but also with the TERE and any other road frame employing a 1-1/8” fork steerer tube.

In order to give you the flexibility to use the MANA with CHAPTER2 frames and other road frames, we purposely opted to create a more user/travel-friendly cable routing method which your local bike shop/mechanic will undoubtedly thank you for.

Finally, with the adoption of trigger-happy electronic shifting and the use of out-front GPS devices for those Strava® moments, the CHAPTER2 Bar + Stem combo comes ready to install Shimano® EW-RS910 bar end mounted Junction Box and Barfly® or K-Edge style GPS mounts respectively.

  • Carbon: Toray® Uni-Directional Carbon
  • Sizes (mm): (Stem Length/Width Drops c-c) 80/400, 90/400, 100/420, 110/420, 120/440
  • Weight (g): 330g (100-420mm)
  • Spacers: Carbon 2x10mm, 1x5mm & 1x5mm (Curved)
  • Steerer: 1-1/8″
  • Safety Standard: EN ISO 4210:2014


2022 C2 Mana2

All measurements are in millimeters.

Size 80x380 80x400 90x391 90x400 100x402 100x420 110x413 110x420 120x424 120x440 130x435
A. Stem 80 80 90 90 100 100 110 110 120 120 120
B. Width at Drops 380 400 391 400 402 420 413 420 424 440 435
C. Width at Hoods 360 380 371 380 382 400 393 400 404 420 415
D. Reach 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70
E. Drop 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128
F. Stem Angle 7.0° 7.0° 7.0° 7.0° 7.0° 7.0° 7.0° 7.0° 7.0° 7.0° 7.0°



CHAPTER2 is an exclusive brand with a boutique spirit, crafting framesets for discerning individuals who believe the process of creating a personal statement is as important as building their dream bike.

At the heart of CHAPTER2, we find the extraordinary and diverse nature of New Zealand sculpted in each frame design. This earth is inhabited by 1,000 years of Māori heritage known for its legendary warrior spirit, which is our soul, our inspiration, our why. CHAPTER2 bikes use Japanese-made Toray® carbon fibre exclusively and have all been fully tested at Auckland University’s Wind Tunnel, the same facility where Emirates Team NZ (America’s Cup) does their testing.




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