Ever Flow SWS

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Compatible only with charger or select damper.

The asymmetrical conformation of our forks, i.e. the elastic component on one side and the hydraulic component on the other, ensures that the load is not uniformly distributed between the two sides and a greater resistance to sinking is created in the left one, in fact, the right-hand side can rise a few more millimeters causing a flexion of the lowers and therefore greater friction between the sanchions and bushings. The SWS was created with the intention of creating a certain resistance also in the right leg, exploiting the air present inside the lower leg.

As the fork compresses, the air will have to pass through a very small space left around the charger shaft, this will ensure greater support in high-speed compressions, making the ride more stable and predictable. Furthermore, its shape and positioning ensure that the lubrication oil ends up completely lubricating the bushings, and not inside the stanchion where it does not perform any function.

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