Ever Flow Tank B1/C1

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The coil spring with its bushing replaces the original bumper, the 7075 aluminum Tank replaces the nut placed at the end of the rod, giving a significant increase in volume to the negative chamber. The result will be a fork that is far more sensitive to small and medium bumps, with more mid stroke support. The positive chamber remains unchanged to allow even less experienced riders to use full travel. The kit is completed by a Token with a volume equal to half the original Rock Shox for a finer adjustment of the progression.

Compatible with Pike*, Lyrik°, Yari°, Revelation**, with DebonAir spring.
Not compatible with Solo Air or Dual Position forks.
The addition of the SWS if compatible, represents a further step towards the improvement of the fork behavior.
It can cause a slight "click" sound at maximum extension, however hardly noticeable while riding.
In the B1 version, the maximum allowed weight of bike + rider is 130kg.

* in the case of Pike 2014-17 Solo Air converted to Debonair you will need a -10mm C1 version
** with 35mm stanchions


°Version B1-180mm not compatible
Assembly instructions provided.

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