OneUp Chain Guide BB Mount / ISCG03

OneUp Chain Guide BB Mount / ISCG03

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One Up Chain Guide BB Mount / ISCG03


The OneUp BB Mount / ISCG03 guide uses the same simple, one tool adjustment as our best-selling ISCG05 Chain Guide. At only 34g the OneUp BB Mount / ISCG03 Chain Guide weighs less than a sip of water, and can save you money in less than a season. 


  • Single tool adjustment (4mm hex) 
  • Boost compatible 
  • Oval Compatible 
  • Stainless Steel hardware 
  • Includes 2 top guide pieces 1xBlack 1xGreen 
  • Patented US 10,053,188 Other Patents Pending 


Weight: 34g 
Capacity: 26-36T  
Chainline: 5.5mm adjustment 
Mount: Threaded BB Mount / ISCG03* 

*Almost all ISCG03 equipped bikes have threaded BB shells and so are compatible with this guide. Double check you have a threaded BB before ordering.