PX-PDH-165 (2)
PRAXIS - Direct Mount 3-Bolt Interface

Praxis - DH Crankset

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The all new Hollow DH 165mm is made just for the gravity crowd.  With the combined benefits of a wide bearing stance, M30 aluminum spindle, and robust hollow aluminum arms, our new DH crank is ready for the starting gate.

-BSA 83mm DH Frames
-PF41 x 107mm DH Frames
-PF41 x 104.5 DH Frames


  • Hollow Aluminum  | 165mm arm | M30 DH spindle
  • DH Frame compatible with BSA 83mm | PF41 x 107mm | PF41 x 104.5
  • 3-bolt DM ring – Use Praxis DM-A ring for correct DH Chainline
  • Weight  640g  (165 with 32T)
  • Hollow forged arms
  • M30 DH Spindle/Bottom Bracket System
  • 1X Wave™ tooth profile rings – Learn more here


BB : The Hollow DH M30 mountain crank is compatible with 3 DH frame types : BSA 83mm | PF41 x 107mm | PF41 x 104.5

DM RING :   Only use Praxis DM-A ring for correct DH Chainline. 

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