Spank - Spoon 90/100/110

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SPANK - SPOON 90/100/110

Spoon 110 Pedals are the largest in the Spank pedal line, with a wide 110x105mm platform. This makes the Spoon 110 perfect for large riders with shoe sizes US 11 and above, or for riders who often where bulky boots (example snow riders). The 16-12mm concave profile still feels remarkably thin compared to traditional flat pedals, and provides an exceptionally locked in feel. 

Spoon 100 Pedals have a medium sized 100x105mm platform, designed for average sized riders, with shoes from US size 7-10. They have a 16-12mm concave profile which delivers a thin ride feel and exceptional levels of traction. 

Spoon 90 Pedals are the smallest in the Spank line, and an upgrade for most young or smaller riders, with shoe sizes US 6 and under. Despite the narrow 90mm width, Spoon 90’s offer exceptional support, and traction, due to a 105mm length. The Spoon 90’s are also often favored for those riding in exceptionally tight trail areas, where other pedals tend to get hung up on obstacles to the sides of the trail. +


  • 3 Sizes for Riders of All Sizes
  • 14mm Thin - Concave Profile
  • CNC Optimized Alloy Pedal Body
  • Forged Scandium Enriched Chromoly Axle
  • Chamfered Leading Edges for Improved Clearance and Reduced Impact Forces
  • Sealed Industrial Bearing / DU Bushing
  • 20 Pins per Pedal
  • Weight: Spoon 90 (375g) / Spoon 100 (395g) / Spoon 110 (425g)
  • Size Guide: 90 <39, 100 40-44, 110 >45