Surly Dirt Wizard 29x2.6 Cropped
Surly Dirt Wizard 29x2.6 Full
Surly Dirt Wizard 29x2.6 Side Wall
Surly Dirt Wizard 29x2.6 Tread
Surly Dirt Wizard 27.5x2.8 Full Cropped
Surly Dirt Wizard 27.5x2.8 Full
Surly Dirt Wizard 27.5x2.8 Side Wall
Surly Dirt Wizard 27.5x2.8 Tread

Surly Dirt Wizard 29" x 2.6" Tyre

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Dirt Wizard 

Our family of Dirt Wizards is highly focused – one might even say spellbound – on providing traction and control on the kinds of surfaces where nary traction nor control are to be found. Its tread is composed of a dual row of aggressive, trail-gobbling, beveled knobs in the center and well-spaced, siped knobs to dig into loose corners. Designed to work on 50mm rims, Dirt Wizards are tall and wide, providing next-level traction and cushioning. The casings are flexible and responsive, yet durable and supportive. Minimum rim size for these naughty little wizards is a 35mm outer rim width. And if those black sidewalls aren’t mesmerizing enough, we’ve made a gray sidewall option you can summon up in 29 x 2.6” and 27.5 x 2.8”.

TR0094 Surly Dirt Wizard Tire - 29 x 2.6, Tubeless, Folding, Black/Slate, 60 tpi

SKU TR0094

ISO Diameter 622 / road / 29"

Labeled Size 29 x 2.6

Tire Bead Folding

Tire Diameter 29"

Tire Type Tubeless Ready Clincher

Weight 1250

TPI 60

PSI 40

Flat Protection Tread and Sidewall


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