Vorsprung Tractive Valve Tuning System

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The ulitmate performance upgrade for your Rockshox Super Deuxe Air/Coil and Monarch Plus.

Simply put, the Tractive Tune is centered around our proprietary valving calculation software that achieves a customised damper characteristic based on rider weight, frame geometry, terrain and riding style.

Features and Benefits:


  • Improved support, compliance, traction.
  • Superior stability and predictability
  • Upgraded compression base valve assembly with triple circuit technology
  • More usable 3-position compression adjuster with evenly spaced settings
  • Pressure-balanced valving to provide sensitivity and support without cavitation
  • Low friction Acetal IFP to replace the stock metal IFP which scores the reservoir bore

Custom Tractive Valve Tuning System tune selection for each rider based on frame, weight, terrain, aggression and preference
Customised rebound valving to replace the stock rebound shim stack (which is non-functional in the Monarch Plus)

  • Nitrogen charged via low-profile reservoir end cap
  • Internal alterations to reduce the typical knocking during direction changes
  • Recommendations on spring pressure and volume spacer alterations if necessary.

Compatible with - Rockshox Super Deuxe Air/Coil A1-B2 (2018-2022), Monarch Plus B1-B4 (2014-2022).

Vorsprung Tractive system are only availble with a ProFlow Factroy Shock Service. If you are purchasing a Tractive system online you will need to book your shock in for a service via our booking page. We will not sell this item seperately.

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