Wolf Tooth 2 Degree GeoShift Performance Angle Headset ZS56/44 Variants

Wolf Tooth 2 Degree GeoShift Performance Angle Headset ZS56/44 Variants

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Adjust the geometry of your bike by changing the head tube angle by 2º with the GeoShift 2º Performance Angle Headset. It allows you to change the head tube angle by -2º to make for a slacker geometry for added stability on fast descents, or by +2º by using the opposite orientation of the headset to make for a steeper geometry for quicker steering with maximum front wheel traction.

The GeoShift Performance Angle Headset features a design in which the bearings sit at an angle that aligns with the steerer tube. This compares to angle headsets that have bearings that sit flat, which adds unneeded friction and stress on the bearings. The design with angled bearings also prevents the creaking that is common with angle headsets that feature a spherical design.
Wolf Tooth headsets are machined in the USA with lightweight, strong, durable aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum. Our Performance Headset is built to include an Enduro black oxide coated chromium steel bearing, a one-year warranty, and three levels of superior custom sealing to protect bearings from the elements and prolong the life of the headset.


  • Upper headsets ship with a star nut which can only be used on forks with steel or aluminum steerer tubes. For forks with carbon steerer tubes you will need a compression plug (sold separately; never use a star nut on a carbon steerer tube)
  • Consult measurement guide determine which headset will fit your bike.


      Headset replacement parts link to product page   Link to how to measure angle headset  how to install angle headset link  

    Upper assembly features:

    • Ultralight Stem Cap With Integrated Spacer plus an aluminum bolt and a star nut
    • 5mm top cover = 6mm total stack
    • O-ring seal prevents water intrusion around the steerer tube
    • Custom-molded upper lip seal provides additional protection for upper bearing
    • Optional shim washers if needed

    Lower assembly features:

    • Custom-molded dual-lip seal on the crown race to protect lower bearing in the toughest weather and trail conditions
    • Service and additional parts available


    The Wolf Tooth crown race installation adapter will help avoid damaging the crown race seals.

    Weight: ZS44/28.6 Upper, ZS56/40 Lower • 92g 
    Material: 6061 aluminum
    Includes: Upper and lower cups, bearings, crown race, star nut, three shims, stem cap with 5mm integrated spacer and bolt (weight listed does not include star nut, shims, or stem cap)
    Stem Cap Bolt Torque Spec: 2-3 Nm with light grease on threads only
    Made in the USA