Meet the bike in between nothing. Leaving no rider wanting. Master of the climb, the bomb, the rain and the air. The unequivocal. The rule crusher. The trend buster. No rig can rule all, but this one can absolutely rule. The mountain bike. 



Switch Infinity Technology

Discover the next-generation of translating pivot suspension designs. Setting new expectations for kinematics, longevity, sensitivity, and strength.


Unparalleled Feel. For All Riders.

Every rider deserves a frame feel that’s tuned for them, regardless of frame size. Over the course of hundreds of virtual simulation comparisons and back-to-back carbon prototype testing, Yeti have refined their carbon layups to deliver consistent torsional stiffness and flex profiles across all frame sizes. The feel is precise yet compliant while structurally balancing lightweight and durability.


14% Progression Rate

With the release of the last generation of Yeti Switch Infinity bikes, Yeti focused on fine tuning leverage rates. The results are apparent in their award and race winning bikes.

The new line of Yeti Switch Infinity bikes builds on this already successful set of suspension kinematics with subtle refined leverage rates that are adjusted for the added travel of each new bike. The new bikes maintain Yeti’s balanced approach to leverage rate resulting in a incredibly predictable ride.

This is the mountain bike you reach for when the trail is untamed and unrelenting, in both directions. "Trail bike" is a term that gets used pretty liberally in the industry, so we designed the SB140 to be even better suited to go deep and find out what's on the other side.