Transition's Spire is Big Travel and Capability
Transition set out to make a long travel “Enduro” bike that wasn’t going to be a handful when you’re not going full send down the faster rowdy trails but also composed and well mannered when on the slower tight trails or climbing. I think they’ve hit the nail on the head.
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The Ubiquitous SB130
Splurged onto a digital format by Mat Weir. Bikeaholic Co-Owner. You? What? Doesn’t ubiquitous mean…? Well, yes, that’s what I mean. Why you ask? Let me tell you... I freeking love these bikes.  When I got my first SB130 in...
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Bikeaholic launches its Ambassador Program.
Right from the inception of Bikeaholic we wanted to help nurture rider culture in Queenstown. To create a store that felt ‘non-corporate’, a place to make riders feel welcome with a ‘clubhouse’ kind of vibe. In the early days we...
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