Long Reach

Puts riders in a balanced position perfectly centered on the bike, ready to tackle the unknown.

150MM Fork

Because Yeti's 130mm of rear suspension outperforms similarly stroked forks and pairs well with their more forward biased position.

Front End Doesn't Wander Climbing

And stays composed when pointed downhill – the rider position remains neutral.

At Home When You're Not

The deeper you go, the higher you climb, the later you brake, the more comfortable SB130 becomes. Bottom line, the term “trail bike” gets used pretty liberally at Yeti.


The Ubiquitous SB130

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Low Slung. Long Drop.


A Shock Tune Unique To The SB130

Through a process of gathering qualitative data about "feel" from Yeti's athletes and validation through quantitative telemetry data, Yeti were able to push the performance of the SB130. They developed the tune to enhance its mid-stoke and bottom-out control while maintaining ascending efficiency. While the tune is exclusive, the Fox shock it's built from is not, making replacement parts readily available, or further personalization accessible.

Infinite Suspension Capabilities

At the heart of the SB130 suspension design is our patented Switch Infinity suspension system. Switch Infinity utilizes a patented translating pivot that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel providing excellent anti-squat characteristics. 

Carbon Layup

Made with the highest quality carbon fiber available, TURQ series bikes offer the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.