Unbridled Speed

The simple truth is, the SB150 has won more race stages it has started than any other EWS race bike in history.


Feels Fast, & Is Fast Are Different.

Line corrector, time saver, full travel user: tuning Switch Infinity to go faster while pedaling or not.

Yeti took Switch Infinity's winning heritage and made the leverage ratio more progressive (but not too progressive) to provide greater compatibility with modern shocks and a wider range of racer setups.

In addition, the bike has better small bump compliance, ramps up quicker in the mid-stroke, while still allowing for full travel and bottom-out control. Racers spend more time in the supportive part of the curve - when entering toothy sections or carrying corner speed, the SB150 offers something to push against for greater race stage velocities.


Progressive Race Driven Geometry

Tunable For Stage Decimating Performance

Richie Rude wins running the same suspension design that comes stock on the SB150. No team only linkage or mods to his Switch Infinity. As personal performance elevates, racers are able to tune the SB150 to carry more and more speed – right up to the top of the box.

Forward Bias Posture

Gives racers the room they need, and centers them on the bike.

20mm Longer Travel Fork

Pairs well with our forward-biased frame matching the vertical wheel travel of the rear suspension.

Slacker Headtube

Lower bottom bracket, and longer wheelbase.

Tested To DH Standards

High-impact strength, carbon lay-up tuned to go fast and tested to DH standards.

Wishbone Shock Extender

Yeti's patent pending wishbone shock extender changes leverage ratio, maintains kinematics and maximizes stand over clearance. For racers, the shock can be removed from the frame under two minutes to change a shock tune or perform a race day service.

Switch Infinity

At the heart of the SB150 suspension design is Yeti's patented switch infinity, with a translating pivot system for excellent anti-squat characteristics.

Carbon Layup

Made with the highest quality carbon fiber available, TURQ series bikes offer the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.

Unbridled Speed

The simple truth is, the SB150 has won more race stages it has started than any other EWS race bike in history.

23 Queen Stage Wins

On the longest and most grueling stages, the SB150 is fastest.

8 International, National & Series Wins

EWS. Big Mountain Enduro. Pro GRT. Trophy De Nations World Championships. The SB150 has won it all.

29 EWS Podiums

Unparalelled. And not even close to being done.

EWS Winning Margin (55.39 Sec)

Richie Rude earned the biggest winning margin in EWS history over second place (Sam Hill) at EWS Whistler, 2019.