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Bikeaholic welcomes Norco to the fold!

Bikeaholic is sad to say goodbye to Kona Bikes but super stoked to welcome Norco Bikes, We are very excited for the future and to see their unique take on design and innovation improve our riding experience.

Retail has changed and so have we. Trading in Covid Level 3

So as we go into Level 3 status we change the way of working.

No Car, No Gnar, Not Far.

Hows your Bubble? During lockdown I’ve been doing my best to keep active and wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences with you all.

We explore the 'Why?' Bikeaholic actually does have a purpose!

This lil' article was written by Colin the store manager while in Covid-19 Isolation. A time many of us will be using to reflect, consider and plan. We look at the Core Values and Aim of our local bike shop - Bikeaholic. An important factor in the commencement of any business should be, why?

Bikes n Bangers! What's it all about?

Every year Bikeaholic Bike store throws a party/BBQ/fun ride to celebrate another year of business and one more LBS not going anywhere. We tap into the local stoke and get busy fundraising for the Kelly McGarry Foundation. Locals come out to celebrate the start of summer and bike season in Queenstown.

Dear Honzo. A letter. (and explanation)

We Love Kona Honzo's so we wrote a letter.

Bike Hire Queenstown. Better Bike Rental with these 3 Tips.

How to get the most from your Queenstown Bike Hire experience. The following 3 tips will ensure you have a great ride.

The 'E' in E Bike.

When it comes to E Bikes, don't be hatin'

Forever Bikes and Progress.

Yeah forever bikes. Mine don't last that long. Which leads me to........

7x7 and Not The World Cup Cup

Racing. It kinda hurts.

E Bikes and Illness

So eBikes eh?

Big Wheels and Tussock

Going where there is no trail? Take big wheels.

The Best Short Travel, Mega Aggro, Hardcore Double XC, 29er Bike On The Market. And Pigs.

All indications in this travel bracket point directly to the Kona Process 111. And Pigs.

100% MTB. What's that about?

Learn the reason's why we decided to only stock bikes with knobby tires.