Mat Weir

Mat Weir

Mat's an owner at Bikeaholic, his passion and enthusiasm for the sport is infectious. Riding and racing since he was a wee boy back in Scotland.  Moved to New Zealand 2006, Managed a local workshop in Queenstown before realising the dream of creating his own LBS (local Bike Shop).

First Mountain Bike? Kona Fire Mountain 1995

Favourite Trail Ever? Fernhill Loop

Favourite Local Trail? As Above!


Justin Worth

Justin Worth

Riding MTB's since they were invented, an Aussie who fell in love with Queenstown and called it home since 2008, worked within the local cycle industry, started Bikeaholic as always felt a smaller rider driven store was needed to connect on a more personal level to the Queenstown riding community.

First Mountain Bike? Repco Skyline MTB 1985 model (friction gears , crowned forks!)

Favourite Ride Ever? Porcupine Rim - Moab Utah

Favourite Local Track? Slip Saddle (Corotown)


Jake Hood

Jake Hood


Jake has come to Bikeaholic from Scotland via Whistler.  Chasing endless summer, stupid quick on a bike, but ensures he takes time on yours (when fixing). Jakes passion for bikes is shown through the work he produces from the workshop, check our gallery 'Bikes' for some of the retro bikes he has loved up!

First Mountain Bike? Muddy Fox

Favourite Ride Ever? The Chilcotons

Favourite Local Trail? Fern Hill Loop

Colin Brown

Colin Brown.

Originally from somewhere in England, he pretty much never wants to go back. Loving the lifestyle of Queenstown. Does enjoy a day on the bike followed by beer. And also enjoys a day on a snowboard, followed by beer........

Lets not mention Tinder.


First Mountain Bike? Saracen Hardtrax. Purple. 1995

Favourite Trail Ever? Fernhill Loop

Favorite Local Trail? Fernhill Loop straight to ATLAS.

Jarna MacKenzie

Jarna Mac.


From the West Coast but grew up in Dunedin. Built lots of trails in his time and is technically reponsible for breaking my ankle on Treble Cone. Long term Bike Tech who pretty much knows everything and loves the inside of your reverb seatpost!

First Mountain Bike? Huffy.

Favourite trail ever?  Coronet Peak. Its epic.

Favorite Local Trail? Coronet Peak. Its epic.