The ASR is back. Yeti has never made a lighter full - suspension bike, but that’s just half the story. It brings proper suspension to proper mountain bike racing. The kind that takes skill, not just lungs.

Made For Winning The World

The ASR is back to win at today’s World Cup level. Super light and radically responsive with all the
pedaling effciency? Check.

But that’s just XC table stakes. The bike for modern XC needs modern geometry that’s just as stable tipping it over at 45 km/h as it excels on chest high drops and hugging the inside line on the steepest switchback climb.

Zero Redundant Carbon

Custom ply shapes, critical material choice, intelligent draping methods, and smooth transitions between every carbon ply have eliminated redundant carbon, giving radical strength for super lightweight. Such a boundary pushing schedule driven from in-depth carbon analysis tools marks a Yeti frst.

Eliminates routing, saving weight.

Dedicated Wireless Frame

T-Series Ultimate build features a dedicated frame optimized for modern, wireless drivetrains. In the process, we deliver the lightest frame in the ASR line-up by eliminating unnecessary cable ports.

Room For Two Water Bottles Inside The Frame

Room for two water bottles keeps racers fueled for the biggest efforts.