Fast As...

The new Enduro climbs quickly, yet mobs down the nastiest descents at what should be terrifying speeds...with utter calm. It's radically new beast, sporting a Demo-inspired chassis, more travel, and geometry that keeps you in control when you bite off more than you can chew. Hell, it even looks fast in a library.

Fast Starts with Fit

Back when people still thought 29-inch wheels only made long-travel bikes worthless, the original Enduro 29 proved conventional wisdom dead wrong with its dialed geometry. The new Enduro’s slacker head angle, longer reach, and steeper seat tube make it even quicker and more capable.

Balanced Chassis Stiffness

Specialized didn’t set out to make the stiffest bike possible—that bike would be a tooth-rattling nightmare. The Enduro’s balanced stiffness helps the front-end steer precisely and keeps the rear-end tracking like it’s on rails through the roughest terrain.

Less Hang-Up . More Speed

Specialized gave the Enduro a more rearward axle path, reducing the rear wheel's tendency to "hang-up" on big impacts. Out on the trail, that equals more momentum, more control, and yep, greater speed.

More Control

The new Enduro boasts smooth and controlled suspension, start to finish. The progressive leverage curve makes the Enduro supple over small rocks and roots and prevents it from bottoming-out on big hits.