Transition Repeater PT

The Hard Hitting Powerhouse

Tackle all the technical terrain you can handle.

The goal with the Repeater Powertrain is to create the best riding experience possible. That starts with evolving the existing Repeater geometry to create a bike that gives you more confidence and control while utilizing a system that works naturally as an extension of the rider. With Powertrain, the motor, drivetrain and controls all work together, which not only unifies the complicated systems at play on an eMTB, but also unlocks new features that riders can utilize and customize to their preferences.


Right out of the box you'll notice how clean the frame and cockpit are. With only brake cables to manage, just two AXS pod controllers, and a small top tube screen, the Repeater brings a refreshingly simplified approach to your eMTB. The familiar controls of AXS pods allow you to access every feature easily and ergonomically. With the majority of the components working wirelessly, this translates into a much tidier and quieter frame. Coupled with the SRAM Powertrain motor that remains quiet in even the roughest terrain, your focus can remain on the trail and the experience you set out for.

A Fully Integrated Experience

The Eagle Powertrain drive unit is powerful and reliable while churning out 90 NM of torque, making it one of the highest torque systems on the market. Powered by the SRAM 720wh battery, this motor has an extremely natural feeling, assisting you as an extension of your own strength, and allowing you to push harder and farther.

Range Or Rally, Your Choice

The Repeater PT has two tunable motor power settings: Range and Rally. Range is a lower power mode, which is useful to extend battery life or use along your commute to the trailhead. Rally is full power for ultimate speed and torque. By simplifying the motor power levels to two options, you no longer have to look down and see what mode you're in. If you need more or less power, simply click the single button that toggles between Range and Rally.

Auto Shift With T-Type AXS

The auto shift function eliminates the need for you to initiate a shift. The Powertrain system uses an algorithm to keep you in the perfect gear when pedaling as well as coasting. While the auto shift function handles most of the shifting duties, there will still be times when you will want to initiate a shift for a change in terrain ahead. In this case you can use the Pod Controller to shift into the correct gear manually, temporarily pausing the auto shift function. If you prefer a manual shift experience, a press and hold of the upper right pod button will turn the auto shift on or off allowing the rider to control the derailleur like a traditional AXS shifter.

Pod Controllers

The new AXS pod controllers keep all functionality simple to control and easy to program to your preference while delivering one of the cleanest cockpits possible. Out of the box, the upper non-drive side button toggles between Range and Rally mode while the lower non-drive side button controls the AXS dropper post. The upper drive-side button shifts the derailleur up, and the lower drive-side button shifts the derailleur down. We find this to be intuitive and natural, but the AXS App makes it easy to reconfigure these buttons to suit your preferences.