Transition Relay

The Mountain Bikers E Bike

Living in uncharted territory, the Relay is a lightweight, mid-power ebike here for all of
your rides, battery or human powered. From square one the Relay was built with
modularity in mind.

Two Bikes In One

The Relay can be ridden as an ebike, or a non-powered bike by simply removing the battery. The drive unit has such minimal drag that when you ride it powered off and without the battery, you’ll quickly forget you still have a motor in your frame.

Lightweight And Purpose Built

Starting at 42.5Ib/19.27 kg with the battery and 37.5Ib/17.01kg without battery, every Relay is purpose built with components to be ridden hard

Fazua Ride 60 Motor

The Fazua Ride60 system has 60Nm of torque and 450W peak power with virtually no drag. This creates a very efficient system that punches far above what its numbers would suggest. With the smooth power delivery and extremely quiet motor, the Relay is one of the most intuitive and natural feeling ebikes, pushing the ride experience closer to that of a non-powered bike.

Relay vs Relay PNW

The Relay and Relay PNW are built off the same platform, both with the ability to be run at 160 or 170 travel front and rear, dual 29 or mixed wheel. Riders can choose the Relay with dual 29 and 160 travel for a more balanced, trail bike feel, or chase their burly trail dreams with the heavy hitting Relay PNW with 170 travel and mixed wheels.