Transition TransAM

The Trail Shredding Hardtail

The Classic TransAM Returns

After a seven year hiatus, the reliable trail shredding hardtail is back in the lineup for a limited time. Now with modern geometry, dual 29 inch wheels, a capable yet affordable build spec and two classic colour schemes, it's guaranteed to provide endless singletrack bliss for many generations. Capable of navigating techy and steep terrain while remaining easy to throw a leg over as you hone your skills, the new TransAM is ready for the core rider looking to get back to their roots (figuratively and literally.)

Simple Is Fun

For the rider who loves refined simplicity with the feeling of the wind in their face as they rip beautiful ribbons of terra firma in both directions, we give you the TransAM. The TransAM brings a feeling of nostalgia and reminds its rider of that first taste of freedom when they were young.

Less Is More

The new TransAM has no batteries, no motor, no apps, just a Chromoly frame that'll last a lifetime. In contrast to the times, Transition wanted to resurrect a bike that was clean and simple. With just enough updates and features like adjustable sliding dropouts, a UDH, and options for different wheel sizes, you can customize your bike to fit your style.