Turbo Levo

The Ultimate Trail Bike

The Levo SL delivers unmatched ride quality and capability, amplified. For the trail rider who craves serpentine singletrack, sending it skyward, and lives for advancing your skills and fitness. Meet your new bike, the Levo SL.

Supernatural Power

Unlock superhuman strength at the touch of a button. With 575W of power and 90Nm of torque, the levo motor offers wildly tame-able power, which can all be adjusted at the touch of your fingertips via the MicroTune from your handlebar.

Intelligent Range

The Levo's 700 Wh battery enables you to venture to the outer limits with range to return home. Spend 5.5+ hours out on the trails by optimizing power usage via MicroTune and the customizable Mastermind Turbo Control Unit (TCU) display.

Class-Leading Amplification

The Levo offers 6 varying geometry settings for personalized handling. Utilize the mixed wheel design, 160mm front suspension, and 150mm rear travel to custom tune your ride for maximum versatility, precision, and responsiveness.