Turbo Levo SL

The Ultimate Trail Bike

The Levo SL delivers unmatched ride quality and capability, amplified. For the trail rider who craves serpentine singletrack, sending it skyward, and lives for advancing your skills and fitness. Meet your new bike, the Levo SL.

Peerless Handling

It's all about the ride. Built to exude supreme trail confidence even in the face of the most unruly trails. Levo SL is lean and responsive enough to pop, flick, and whip, but tough enough to take the hits.

Unmatched Capability

Dial in the geometry on your Levo SL with three headtube angle options and mixed-wheel set up (or not). Ride Dynamic Tuned Suspension gives a range of intelligent support over chatter to bottomless-plush bliss on the big hits.

Class-Leading Amplification

Once Specialized set the bar of capability and handling, they boosted the experience with unbelievably natural power of advanced, fully integrated, and whisper quiet Specialized SL 1.2 motor, which they hopped-up with 43% more torque and 33% more power than its predecessor.