While everyone else was racing to make an E-MTB, Yeti were making an E-MTB for racing.



Infinite suspension capability, realized for the demands of E-MTB.

Sixfinity was born to accommodate the added power and mass of an e-MTB. To increase pedaling efficiency given how an e-MTB is actually ridden when ridden hard. And to increase traction for the kind of speed an e-MTB can really deliver, with the right kinematics. 

E-Bike Kinematics

With the right suspension an e-MTB can do things a pedal bike can’t, taking you further, faster. Sixfinity delivers a suspension design that is expertly tuned for the added weight, speed and demands of an e-MTB.

Fast Beyond The Power

The 25Km/h motor limit can be easily outpaced by racers. As a foundational design requirement, the 160E continues to elevate its performance and composure, the faster you go. So much so, Jared Graves has a new favorite bike. 

Rattle. Slap. Not.

Internally routed cable tubes with secure closure at entry and exit points make rattles a thing of the past. And an all-new chain slap protector virtually eliminates chain noise.

Run It "Moto."

Whether running cabled or wireless drivetrains, dropper posts or a moto brake setup, the 160E’s cable management system accommodates it all.

Room To Maneuver.

To maximize agility and the extra English often required to hold race lines, an uninterrupted seat tube offers full travel dropper post compatibility throughout the size range.

Global Support. For Global Competition

Working with Yeti's long-time race partner, the Shimano EP8 motor and 630-watt hour battery delivers consistent power to attack any terrain. Best of all, the system has hassle free, world-wide support. 

Guiding More Than The Chain

Factory race team sponsor, OneUp Components bridged the gap between Yeti's racing and engineering needs. Every 160E comes stock with a custom chain guide to prevent chain derailments and offer rattle-free cable management for mechanical drivetrains. 

Traction + Traction = Speed

Considering the added power at the rear wheel–for a race specific e-MTB, dual 29” wheels provide more traction, better rollover and ultimately a faster bike.

“How'd They Do That?” Short Chain Stays.

The answer is Sixfinity. Due to the incredibly compact packaging of the Infinity link, the 160E has shorter chain stays that eliminates the lazy-to-turn feel that plagues e-MTB's that utilize suspension designs carried forward from pedal only designs.

Without resorting to smaller wheel sizes and leaving traction and speed on the table, Yeti's 29” wheel chainstays are shorter than other brands compensating mullet setups.

A Slightly Higher BB. Say What?

At 350mm, the 160E’s bottom bracket height is a bit higher than Yeti's SB150 pedal bike. The slightly higher BB paired with shorter cranks means racers realize the gains of extra pedal strokes.