The ARC is back. Conjuring up all the nostalgia, hoots and hollars from yesteryear. It’s your instant-feedback steed for any trail. Show it your singletrack, pump track and your bikepack route too. It’s got history to live up to and new history to make. And it’s already impatient


Secured For Speed

While the ARC has roots back to the beginning of mountain biking, this frame is anything but a nostalgic blast from the past. If you run a chain guide, the ARC has integrated ISCG 05 tabs.

Summit Peaks. Makes Shapes

A modern approach to hardtail geometry, without losing traction in the rear: riders have plenty of room to maneuver and respond to trail feedback without being too stretched out.


Down Country, Done Different

Qualifying personal achievements with the phrase “for a hardtail” simply isn’t necessary. The ARC absolutely rips when held wide open.

Far beyond a juiced up thorough-bred XC race bike, the ARC is built around a 130mm fork for a massively capable trail bike.

Nothing is more fun than going full blast

Joey Schusler

The Sounds Of Silence

Internally routed cable tubes with secure closures at entry and exit points make rattles a thing of the past. And an all new chain slap protector virtually eliminates that chain on rubber sound, maintaining the serenity of the adventure.

Full-Stroked Droppers Encouraged

If a 200mm drop is your thing, you’ll still have room to spare.

Put The Power Down

The downtube, seat tube and chainstays flow into each other for a stiff and direct feel.   

Bring your
brand to life.

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