Forget the numbers. Mute the speculation. Let the other guys invent cute alternatives for "cross country." Steer clear of pigeon holes and limiting beliefs. Strap on your blinders and go get lost. Then decide what the SB120 means to you. And you alone. 



Switch Infinity Recalculated

Discover the next-generation of translating pivot suspension designs. Setting new expectations for kinematics, longevity, sensitivity, and strength.


Full Drop.

As the capability of Yeti's bikes continues to increase, so does their ability to run modern day, full-stroke dropper posts. Yeti's seat tube is shorter to allow for a longer dropper posts.

11% Leverage Rate

With the release of the last generation of Yeti Switch Infinity bikes, Yeti focused on fine tuning leverage rates. The results are apparent in their award and race winning bikes.

The new line of Yeti Switch Infinity bikes builds on this already successful set of suspension kinematics with subtle refined leverage rates that are adjusted for the added travel of each new bike. The new bikes maintain Yeti’s balanced approach to leverage rate resulting in a incredibly predictable ride.

Trail. Check Mate.

Crushing souls on the descent is more than half the fun. And a hell of a lot more than half the point. The SB120 is wicked quick in your direction of choice.