New School Geometry

Responsive and designed to feel like an extension of the rider.

Head Tube Angle?

Feels about right.

Lunch Ride Kit Is More Than Just A Name

Front Fork Travel

10 more millimeters of fork travel

It never hurts to go bigger on your gear when you're going bigger out there. Lunch Ride kits get a 160mm Grip 2 damper fork so riders can dial in their suspension and get the most performance out of their suspension and most of the terrain.

Slacker HTA

Slacker headtube for bigger terrain.

Degrees Slacker HTA

Lengthen the fork and you slacken the head angle by half a degree. What you get is a bike that exudes confidence no matter what you choose to descend so you can push longer, faster, and further into the unknown.

Component Spec Changes

More than just added travel Yeti wanted to enhance the whole package

Wider bars, beefier tires, burlier wheels, and more powerful brakes. LR isn't just a spec change. It's a mindset shifter. Seven total spec differences make sure the Lunchride is ready for anything the trail throws at it. It's up to any task. Are you?

Down To Fun.

Technology is only valuable when how it works is invisible to the rider. But its benefits are felt loud and clear every time they ride. The SB140 is the world's finest rip bike. We'll let the pictures do the talking.


They Aren't Details If You Notice Them.

Shuttle pad so frame scratches don't happen on the way to the trail.

Switch Infinity

At the heart of the SB140 suspension design is Yeti's patented switch infinity, with a translating pivot system for excellent anti-squat characteristics.

Carbon Layup

Made with the highest quality carbon fiber available, TURQ series bikes offer the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.