Master of the Gnarniverse. Bold claim for some. Fact-checked humility for the SB165. At home outside the tape, beyond the norm. Taken on the trails nobody talks about. Trusted on the lines where mistakes can’t happen. Comfortable with all the chaos. Pleased when you’re puckered. Fearless of your fear.


Secure In The Rough

Chainguide ready out of the box. And standard equipment on all SB165 builds.

Gravity Tested

The SB165 is built tough. The frame meets Yeti DH testing standards, well beyond what others do for a 165mm trail bike. This thing will last for a lifetime, but we gave you a warranty to match just for good measure.

Let'er Eat

Chair lift, Shuttle truck or self-shuttle. The SB165 doesn’t discriminate. If you choose to earn your turns, it’s no slouch.

The SB165 is the bike you ride when you see lines others don't have the skills to see.


Across Yeti's line, they have chosen a relatively flat and high anti-squat curve in the beginning and mid-section of travel where pedaling commonly occurs a.k.a. the pedaling zone.

This creates an efficient pedaling platform through your entire pedaling zone, as opposed to one single point. After the pedaling zone, there is an inflection point where the Switch Infinity link moves down, dropping the anti-squat drastically.

Riders are typically not pedaling in this zone, so chain forces have less of an effect on the suspension performance. Decoupling of the chain forces allows the suspension to work more efficiently to absorb impacts making the feel of a Yeti distinct

Sledgehammer Or Samurai? Depends On The Practitioner

The SB165 takes Yeti's forward bias posture and approach to geometry and unlocks new-school advantages, tweaked to bring out the absolute best in 27.5" wheels. Yes, the steeper seat tube angle and shorter fork offset paired with Switch Infinity's pedalability offers a refreshingly easy climb. Yes, the slacker headtube angle, longer reach and lower bottom bracket are strikingly similar to that of a DH bike. Yes, the "little wheels" are capable of the hell you can handle.

Cut The Tape

The rowdiest trails are outside the tape, so Yeti gravity tested in the lab and toss tested by Reed Boggs.

Slacker Than Most DH Bikes

The SB165 loves the steeps.

Steep Where It Counts

A steeper seat tube angle means pedaling back up isn’t a slog.

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Dual Crown Compatible

Capable and already on Reed’s bike.

New School Geo For New School Freeride

Devouring big terrain, the SB165 feels better the faster, steeper and deeper riders go

Switch Infinity

At the heart of the SB165 suspension design is Yeti’s patented switch infinity, with a translating pivot system for excellent anti-squat characteristics.

Carbon Layup

Made with the highest quality carbon fiber available, TURQ series bikes offer the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.