Happy Trails.


Native Beech forest descents, epic flow trails, lift accessed DH from town, dedicated MTB only reserves, amazing scenery and nearly all trails ending near a pub. It's no wonder Queenstown is quickly cementing itself as the Mountain Biking capital of the Southern  Hemisphere. Often coined 'Mini Whistler', it has been pushed into the lime light through numerous videos such as 'Follow Me' and 'Not Bad', featuring drool-worthy sections of rides we are lucky enough to call our home trails. This page is dedicated to sharing the rides.

Weekly Shop Ride. Tuesday 6pm.

Every Tuesday we ride from the shop at 6pm. It normally gets pretty technical as that's how we like it! Come along and see what we do? Test our trails. We are pretty good at assessing riders abilities and wont take you on a ride thats likely to kill you! There is a Facebook page where updates will be posted, but if there is no information then don't worry, the ride is still on! We ride all through the winter too but make sure to charge your nightlights!

Check out our instagram feed for pics of Tuesday night rides. @bikeaholicnz 

Wanna go ride?

Click the links below for more information:

FOR THE ENDURO'R - Coronet peak and beyond

Coronet Peak ski area a 15 minute drive from Queenstown, and straight past 'Bikeaholic', will see you rewarded with ample fast flowing, purpose built single track.

     1.  THE PEAK

Built originally for lift accessed riding a climb to the summit via the 'Enduro Track' (head past ski base building and up on left) Turn around and kill 1600 vertical feet with a huge grin. A DH track still exists as a 2nd option over the backside past the lift exit. (As seen on 'Follow Me' )

     2.  SLIP SADDLE (Corotown)

The trail everyone is talking about.  For the advanced rider only. 1.5kms approx up the 'Enduro Track' you will see a trail branch hard right. Commit, and end up 15 kms and 3500 vertical feet away in Arrowtown. Super steep descents, exposure, beech forest, river crossings and a pub at the end! (The Fork and Tap)

     3.  RUDE ROCK

Best shuttled and lapped, this is the jewel in the crown, built in 2015 by Evan Winton and Tom Hey at Extra Mile Trail Building 'The Cock' will challenge you to get faster each time, ultimate flow, as seen on 'Not Bad'. Head left from ski base and follow stone access road, trail is on the left. 

     4.  ZOOT

The original DH track.  Short and sweet, mega fast, but can see you come quickly unstuck. Featured with Stevie Smith and Gee Atherton pinning in 90 seconds. Too good to miss. Head left from Skippers Saddle.  (Skippers Rd. Just off Coronet Peak access rd)


Cut in by the QMTBC by the Wedsnesday night Volunteer group. Black grade singletrack with a bunch of flow and some drop offs to the left! Don't ride your bike off the cliff! Leads directly into the SKIPPERS PACK TRACK. World class trail. There is also a 4 minute climb up to the mini saddle from the car park at bottom of Rude Rock which links into PACK TRACK N SACK


Best linked by leaving 'Rude Rock' a few turns early down PACK TRACK N SACK (look for sign). Acts as a continuation of Rude Rock and links into the best of  'Skippers' Link from top of Coronet Summit (Enduro Track) for what is known as 'The Full Meat Pie'. Sick! 45 min pedal out. (Or Shuttle:) 

PARK RAT - Skyline bike park

Skyline Bike Park is accessed from Brecon St Queenstown.  Gondola accessed downhill riding from trails that serve as an introduction to DH such as 'Hammy's Track' to the double blacks like 'Slippery Ninja' and 'Killer Bee.' With over 30km's of trails and 1500ft of vert, its a good day out.  More info HERE.  Some highlights listed below.

    1.  HAMMYS

The 1st 'commercial' Track installed by 'Skyline' designed with flow and progression in mind, it winds down about 6km to the base, super fun for beginners to the very fastest.


This trail is the next step from Hammys and provides a faster ride.  Links back down directly to gondola, perfect for the rider who wants as many laps as possible.

   3.  HUCK YEAH!

The jewel of the bike park, new for 2015 you enter this Jump Line via a drop in.  Hitting a series of high speed tables you can choose 1 of 2 lines.  Yellow for big, red for biggest!  Rad!


This black trail was introduced for a round of the DH Southern Series.  Now a locals favourite.  Off camber corners, big compressions and speed add up to a ride that rewards.

   5.  GSD

Easily missed if you don't look for it. this double black has moments of, 'this ain't that hard' just to loosen you up before sh*t gets real.  Put together by voluntary digs from the Queenstown MTB Club, it has surprises in store.  A shop fave.



FAST ROOTS - Fernhill Loop etc.

Fernhill side of the Fernhill Loop is developing nicely into the Tech Riders paradise! Super steep and very technical is the name of the game over here.


Fernhill loop descends back to the Bike Park or down towards Fernhill itself. Rooty and fun one way and Switchbacky steep and great for racing your mates the other. 

     2. SALMON RUN.

Salmon Run is a 7 to 20+ minute technical odyssey that will leave you dazed and wondering why you don't live in Queenstown. Described by many as 'EPIC' and "THE BEST TRAIL EVER'. Its got it all. Roots, Slippery Rocks, Drops, Jumps, Cliffs and Exposure that will make you pee a little bit....... 


HEAD WEST - 7 mile plus

     1. GOLD DIGGER.

Built over the course of one winter in 2013. IN THE DARK. 95% built by volunteers on the QMTBC wednesday night dig session. Grade four trail with lots of Gold Mining Era interesting features to explore. Not difficult to ride but hard to ride fast. Lots of flat turns and rounded rocks. Very different to anything else in Queenstown. 45 minutes up n back just cruisin.

     2. B.O.B.

Built On Beer. Again another volunteer dig. Zig zags its way along an escarpment that takes you down to lake level. Beer? Yep, lots of old beer bottles found when building this trail from when the main road to Glenorchy was built in the 1960s. We also drank a lot of beer when building this! 

    3. 7 MILE.

A fantastic trail centre on DOC land maintained and built over the years by QMTBC. Lots of squiggly lines on the map. Kachoong is probably the favorite. Lots of flow and its always ready to ride in the best or worst weather you can get. Recent upgrades include Whats Up which is a mellow uphill trail that winds all the way to the top making your lungs feel significantly better than the old way! Great for beginners all the way up to the super advanced. Fun fun fun.

     4. PHEONIX.

Relatively new in the trail map. Pheonix is a flowy little trail that starts off the DISPUTE track. Meanders along an old mining water race then dips through some sycamore to the road. Great reward for your uphill. This one built by Extra Mile trail building.

     5. MOKE LAKE.

A cruisy ride around the lake if you drive there or a more Cross Country ride if you ride up. Can be linked in with the MOONLIGHT track or GOLD DIGGER and PHEONIX. Camp site up here and lots of sandflys! Fantastic views.


Cross Country at its finest. Best to start by riding through Arthurs Point, Anti Clockwise ride all the way around Ben Lomond itself. Starts off on a technical black walking track style trail then turns into 4x4 farm track. Ends at MOKE LAKE where you can go around Moke and down DISPUTE or head down the road towards GOLD DIGGER. Watch out there are some surprise rocks as you decend down to Lake Dispute.

     7. 12 MILE DELTA

Easy gravel trail heading towards Bobs Cove. No significant climbing but a couple of steep sections. DOC trail.