Big Wheels and Tussock

Big Wheels and Tussock

Back country missions.

Great. Love it. Going where you have never been before, exploring and making it up as you go along. 

Yesterday we explored a random ridgeline down to a small saddle where we have never been before. The mix of steep, really quite steep, un-tracked ridgeline, wind and BIG tussocks made it interesting! All of my fellow riders on 27.5 wheels went OTB at least once. Quite a steep and techy ridge, we almost got cliffed out, pic attached, but found a line that was rideable on this one. It felt like we were doing a static press up for about half an hour riding this ridge. My fingers hurt from braking today. Steep, But no OTB for me. 29ers are great.

In the main picture the snowy peak in the background is Mount Aurum.

Basically what i'm saying is, get out there, do it, go somewhere new, and don't forget if its about that swagger in the pub on the post ride beers, ride a 29er............