Bikeaholic launches its Ambassador Program.

Bikeaholic launches its Ambassador Program.

Right from the inception of Bikeaholic we wanted to help nurture rider culture in Queenstown. To create a store that felt ‘non-corporate’, a place to make riders feel welcome with a ‘clubhouse’ kind of vibe. In the early days we wrote a set of Core Values to help guide us, and Culture was added.

  • ‘Culture - Create rider culture, participate, share and encourage.’

 It really is hard to achieve our aims all of the time. (That’s why it's called an aim?)  Outside of an annual fundraiser, Tuesday night rides and club donations we are pretty busy, running a shop, fixing bikes, chasing after our families time can be limited.  The ambition is for our Ambassadors to carry the flame and help us with this aim.

Bikeaholic Ambassadors NZ

It's been eight summers since we started Bikeaholic and we are proud to be in a position to provide support to some great local talent, helping them achieve their riding and or creative ambitions. Our Ambassadors are chosen based on being intrinsic to supporting and promoting rider culture, sharing their passion and by participating, sharing and encouraging. 

Our Ambassadors are not included based on race results.  Applying any expectation is not our thing (they’ll do that themselves).  Basically the ambassadors fall into 3 categories: Race, Social or Creative, (and in most cases a bit of all 3.)  Riders that are stoked to ride, and not too shabby on a bike or behind a lens either.

Without further ado, Introducing the Bikeaholic Ambassadors!

Jimmy F'n Pollard

Emma Olofsson

Finn O’Connor

Paul Foley

Bradley Harris


Bikeaholic Amassadors Jimmy Pollard NZ


Current Bike: Yeti SB150

Name : Jimmy Pollard

Age : 34

Category : masters 1

Status : Dad

Instagram: @jimmyracerp

I grew up in Alexandra as a young lad losing skin off my elbows at any opportunity!, Racing DH around NZ building dirt jumps with the boys, going on xc missions. It was a pretty cool introduction the the mtb world! 

I’ve since traveled around the world with my bike, lived in Canada and chased the racing dream for a while. Now settled in Queenstown with my beautiful girls Elaine and 1yr old Izzy. 

I always aim to stay on my bike as much as I can. That helps me be ready for any race or weekend mission that I can get to. My passion is definitely racing and everything that falls under that umbrella! Going to new places, riding with new people, challenging yourself and finding your limits. Mountain biking has given me a lot to thank in the past and I look forward to chasing it into the future!



Yeti cycles Nz 

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Ks suspension


Cj suspension

Emma Bikeaholic Ambassador NZ


Current Bikes: Yeti SB165 Yeti SB140 Yeti 160E

Instagram: @mmurmaider

I’m Emma Olofsson, as my last name suggests, I am originally from Sweden but I have been residing in Queenstown, New Zealand, for just over five years now! Time goes by so fast when you’re having fun. Since moving to NZ, I’ve had the best time and that’s all thanks to bikes. I got real into mountain biking when I moved down here and now I live to ride and I ride to live. 

I love getting out on my bike because for one: you get  to hang out with super cool people, two: you get to see the most beautiful places and thirdly and this is the main one - it’s just so much fun! 

I’d love to inspire more people to get into mountain biking and to have a more fun and active life. I hope that in the near future I will travel to ride more places and meet new riding buddies. I’m hoping to make it to Canada and Europe this year, I’m so keen because I have never ridden in Canada before.

Finn Ambassador NZ 


Current Bikes: Transition Repeater, Transition Sentinel


I discovered mountain biking almost 30 years ago purchasing my beloved full rigid GT Backwoods and riding local fire roads. I’m proud to have been part of the growth of this great sport, helping dig early single track trails around Dunedin.

Before Covid struck I was a jet boat driver and kayak guide for Ngai Tahu Tourism. A long time before that I was an Olympic kayaker representing NZ for many years. I’ve always been competitive and spent many years racing DH, XC and single speed bikes. I’m less about the winning and more about the sharing adventures and world class trails in this beautiful environment.

I'm the owner of The Ride Guide Queenstown, providing transport, guided trips and MTB coaching. We give locals and visitors the opportunity to progress skills and discover the best trails to suit their style and ability. 

Queenstown is one of the premier mountain biking destinations of the world and The Ride Guide is ready for it! My motivation for mountain biking has never been higher. The progression with my own riding and opportunity to pass on that knowledge to others is both rewarding and fun. Being able to share this with the support of Bikeaholic is simply incredible.

 Paul Bikeaholic Ambassador NZ


Current Bike: Rocky Mountain Slayer

Instagram: @pjfol

Not fast enough to race, but takes a decent photo. My biking resume includes starting maybe the least serious race team ever with a close friend, accidentally living near some of the world’s best riding areas in Colorado, BC, Washington, and New Zealand, and occasionally choosing to ride up the Skyline access road instead of taking the gondola.

I have shot extensively around NZ, including events such as Crankworx, Future Ground, and Trans NZ. For me, riding is about having a fun time with good people, and photography just adds to the experience, keeping me involved in the scene and helping tell the stories of the people around me. At the end of the day, if I’m not at least laughing a bit during a ride, something might be wrong.

This year, I am trying to expand my riding on the south island, including classics such as the Paparoa and Old Ghost Road. As a photographer, I want to capture and tell the stories of some of the more remote trails in the country, on top of the local, incredible, scene.

Bradley Bikeaholic Ambassadors NZ 


Current Bike: Yeti SB150

Instagram: @bradley.harris

You might know Bradley “Bradders’ as a final contestant in the Pinkbike Academy Season 2, making it all the way through all 4 episodes to the final 4. It was an unreal and once in a life time opportunity that I’ll never forget.

Placing 4th in Under 21 at EWS Canazei - my second ever EWS race. 

2nd Overall at the recent 3 Peak Enduro.

Last year I went on a solo mission (with some help of some new friends along the way( all around Europe chasing the EWS circuit. It was definitely stressful and tough at times but I learnt a heap of new skills both on and off the bike for the more years of racing and traveling to come.

This year I’ll be traveling to America for the Sea Otter Classic and chasing the whole Enduro World Series with the Theory Global Racing Team, all a board our SB150’s.

It’s my first year elite for the EWS so for the first couple races I’ll be looking to see where I sit in the field and work upwards from there.

It’s hard to know what to expect but if I was able to finish top 50 overall I’d be absolutely stoked. I’m looking forward to seeing where I stack up against the big boys.