Forever Bikes and Progress.

Forever Bikes and Progress.

Anyone ever HAD a forever bike? You know, one you are going to keep literally forever? Its so good it can't be made better? But then it got sold? Ooops.

I am on my third Forever Bike. What do you mean THIRD? You cant sell a Forever Bike!?! Well I have now had three FBs and I have sold two of them. Still got the current one! I kept pictures of them. Does that count? These bikes were originally so good I couldn't imagine that they could be bettered. They were pretty bloody good..........but the bike that superseded them was better......... much better. The funny thing is that these bikes were all owned in the last three years. I, stupidly, thought that we had pretty much reached the pinnacle of design, for brakes, drivechain, geometry, tyres etc etc. But I was wrong. Things changed. A lot. Bike design changed. Wheel-size changed. Tyres got better, Brakes got better. Hubs changed width. There's more gears now. Bottom brackets got reinvented. Even since I bought my most recent FB things have changed again. When is it going to stop?

The only thing that has not changed with my FBs is that they have all been hardtails. I do love a good hardtail.

Production Privee Shan. A 26er! That didn't last!

So yeah. Problems. 26inch wheels! Geometry too short. No way! Gotta go!

Next! Technically I made a mistake selling this next bike. And technically I still have it as after realising my mistake I ordered another one.........

Kona Honzo Ti. x2.

Reasons why I love it? 29er wheels. Big stiff forks. Fantastic geometry made for ripping! Titanium is a phenomal material, it flexes, it zings, it carries speed and its pretty light. This bike has turned me into a Ti Wanker. I never wanted to be a TiW. But its just so good! I have raced enduro, xc and endurance (enduro?) on this bike. I ride it everywhere in Queenstown and I am more excited to ride this bike time and again over anything else I have access to, even the eBike! What!

So whats my point? Not sure. Maybe I just wanted to show you pictures of my most favorite of all bikes? Or maybe that bikes, even humble hardtails, are still progressing? Maybe that things are changing enough to still be continually making bikes better? That the infuriating changes in geometry, hubs, BBs, handlebar diameters, wheel-size, rubber compounds, caarcass weights, brake pad material, all add up to make our riding experiences better? And are worth it? Or maybe just that our sport is changing whilst staying the same? I'm not sure. Make of it what you will. Can I go ride my Honzo Ti now? Its reallllllly nice.