The Best Short Travel, Mega Aggro, Hardcore Double XC, 29er Bike On The Market. And Pigs.

The Best Short Travel, Mega Aggro, Hardcore Double XC, 29er Bike On The Market. And Pigs.

This bike is rad.

100% Rad.

Its sharp, its aggressive, it goes up ok, (which is not the point) and it comes down like a rip snorting wild boar.

Lets go with a Pig analogy. (Its more like a story)

Imagine this boar if you will. Its just hanging out in the forest, snuffling around in the undergrowth wondering where its gonna find that ideal branch to floss behind its biggest tusk. Its quite a long and low slung kinda boar, ideal for getting into the undergrowth where no other Big Pig can get. He is using the new Piggy Technology Big Trotter design for added undergrowth removal, he finds it helps with muddy traction when chasing Lady Pigs in the mud bath too. With this new technology and his solid build he is a heavy pig, but he is happy to be heavy as when he is fighting he can throw weight around a bit and make up for all his big piggy rivals having all that extra height. So yeah he's just chillin. Along comes a Big Piggy rival sniffing around for Our Pigs piggy harem. This new pig is all show, banging on about how much smaller and better his new trotter design is. Our Pig shrugs. He knows his Lady Pigs don't fall for that kinda shit. He continues to shuffle n snuffle and ignores the newcomer. Mr Medium Trotter hangs around for a while, realises he's getting nothing from this crowd and promptly buggers off to different parts of the forest where his claims will be heard. As can be seen our Pig does not ruffle easily.

Later that week, yeah not much goes on in the world of pigs, one of the Lady Pigs snorts that she heard dogs. Her and her Lady Friends get the hell out of there in a hurry. They know what's up and they know where the wind is sending their scent. Our Pig is on his own. He's fine with that.

Along comes the pack of dogs, all barky and aggressive. Our boar stands his ground. He wants more than this pack of mangy, underfed looking dogs to play with. He is waiting for the big dog. The wannabe big dogs are howling and running round, feeling a bit scared cos this is a pretty mean low and long looking big tusk boar. Old lumber-along Big Dog arrives and Our Pig decides the chase is on. Off he goes. Big Dog immediately gets stuck under the first low slung bush. Our Pig sighs and whilst waiting for old lumber-along to lumber backwards quietly throws off the two dogs that are, ehm, doggedly holding onto his jowls. More dogs appear.

With our piggy the more you throw at it the angrier it gets. The angrier it gets, the faster it goes. He is just waiting to get angry, cos he really likes going really fast but has to get REALLY angry first.

Big Dog number two arrives. He looks to be a faster dog. Mr Pig grins a big tusky grin and wonders when the fun will begin. Strangely this dog can speak Pig. He says, in a pretty weird accent, that Mr Pig looks bloody stupid and wont get far with those stumpy legs and big hooves. Anger levels rise. He sees a challenge and barks back, in Pig, putting on a bit of a dog accent, that they should race. Big Dog 2 agrees and barks off all the annoying yappy dogs, they make a circle and prepare for the fight. Pig piggy barks out the rules. Everyone looks confused but BD2 is stoked to be using his new found pig chat so goes along with it. Mr Boar says they can only catch him on the downhills. So they trot off to the top of the biggest hill they can find. BD2 is throwing insults at Our Pig the whole way to the top so by the time they get there Mr Pig is plenty angry. Thirty second gap at the top. Pig is off. He chooses the line perfectly, going exactly where he wants, his Big Trotters falling precisely where he wants them to. Skipping over roots and rocks and ducking under low bushes. Those Big Trotters providing so much traction he doesn't know what to do with it all. He chooses the line where you stay on the ground, where he can use the terrain to gain more speed. And he does just that. He gains enough speed that when the big gap needs jumped, he jumps it to flat. He looks a bit silly jumping that jump, but who was there to see? Our Pig gets to the bottom and waits. No dogs appear. Looks like the Doggy Pig Enduro has been won by the Angry Pig. The snuffling continues.

So that turned out to be a long winded Pig story rather than the analogy I expected to write....

Anyway if you can make anything out of that garbled nonsense you will see that the Process 111 has big wheels, lots of grip, low c.o.g, low top tube, it goes uphill, it laughs at insults, its a bit heavy but carries it low and well, it does jumps, ladies love it, it smashes downhills, it looks cool, it gets angry and it goes fast. The angrier you ride it the faster it goes. If you take it to the woods, to an enduro, a super d, a downhill or a mates race, your gonna have a blast riding this bike. Put it on the wrong trail and you will have fun. Put it on the right trail and it will destroy all competition.

It does have its limits, as do most trail bikes, on super extra gnarly downhill specific trails, like Hobbit in Queenstown, but if you are prepared to take it there, then it will happily go with you. Just expect it to hurt your hands.

And do you know what I like best of all? Its purple, but it kinda looks black.

Fantastic bike.

The End.


ps. I dont pretend to be a writer so grammatical errors will be present, and some may even be purposful.

pps. I dont and have never hunted pigs with dogs.

pps. If you wanna chat about 111s or Pigs or Dogs. Pop in and see us, we are open all winter.