The 'E' in E Bike.

The 'E' in E Bike.

Recently I had a neighbor buy an E Bike for himself from our store, then 3 more for the family. Previously not really 'riders' the E-Bike spiked their curiosity and has put a 'spark' in their desire to ride as a family. This can only be a good thing.

This summer my mum visited from Sydney and on my list of things to do were the wineries of Gibbston. Now my mum is 67 and a recent cancer survivor, last time she was on a bike was probably before colour TV! When I told her I was going to ride the 20 or so kilometres to the vineyards and I wanted her to join me you should have seen her face. No fricken' way! Well I had a treat for her. My neighbor was kind enough to lend mum his wifes' Merida E Ninety-Nine 500 which feature the really smooth Shimano Steps motor. A quick refresher on gears and the power of modern disc brakes we were off!

Riding the 'Queenstown Trail' from Morven Ferry (Arrowtown Junction), along the cliffs of the Kawarau River, over swing bridges and beyond the historic Bungy bridge, we made our way through beautiful vineyards and back roads we ended up at the quaint Mt Rosa for 'refreshments'. In fact mum (the only one on an E Bike) was half a glass of Pinot down before my wife and I arrived in tow on our 'normal' bikes. She had the best time and felt a great sense of achievement.

So what's the big deal? Without the E Bike we would never have given mum the opportunity to experience this with us, as she gets older making memories like this are so valuable. I bet the E Bike is responsible for so many more great stories like this. So the 'E' in E-Bike? Enable.

'Mum' arrives at Mt Rosa Vineyard- Proud as!

The Merida E Ninety-Nine with a dropper fitted made this 20km ride possible for mum

Bungy Bridge break, Mum and I.