OneUp Dropper Post V3
OneUp Dropper Post V3
OneUp Dropper Post V3
OneUp Dropper Post V3
OneUp Dropper Post V3
OneUp Dropper Post V3
OneUp Dropper Post V3
OneUp Dropper Post V3

OneUp Dropper Post V3

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Lighter, smoother and more reliable. Simply, the best. 

Introducing the NEW OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post: An ultra lightweight, high performance, long travel dropper. 

OneUp's third generation dropper post has been over 3 years in the making. It's better than the award-winning V2 in every way. It's lighter, longer, smoother, more reliable and has the shortest stack and total length of any other dropper. Now you get even more drop with a OneUp post. 


The new V3 is the lightest infinitely adjustable dropper on the market at any given travel. It's even lighter than XC specific lightweight droppers. The V3 is available in the widest range of travel options and suitable for all rider weights and riding styles. 

OneUp have shaved weight from almost every single part to make the V3 Dropper 60 to 70 grams lighter than their V2. The biggest weight savings come from their new hydraulic cartridge that's fully sealed and never needs to be inflated. 

*Dropper remote kit (includes cable & housing), MMX, ISPEC EV, ISPEC II and 22.2 clamps and additional colored remote thumb pads all sold separately.


Warranty: 2 Years

Routing: Internal 

Diameter: 30.9/31.6/34.9

Travel: 90mm / 120mm / 150mm / 180mm / 210mm / 240mm

Weight: 325g / 370g / 415g / 460g / 515g / 585g (for 30.9)

Total Length: 295mm / 350mm / 415mm / 480mm / 545mm / 610mm

Compressed Stack Height: 30mm (25mm for 34.9) 

Service and Maintenance

- Post can be fully disassembled using only a OneUp multi-tool in less than 10 minutes (14mm wrench, 5mm Hex, 2mm Hex)

- No custom tool required and no need to send your post away for maintenance

- No need to adjust or top up air pressure

- Longer service intervals: 120 hours for clean and grease / 3350 hours for rebuild




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