96 Bcd Xt M8000 Drop Stop Chainring Shimano Hg+
96 Bcd Xt M8000 Drop Stop Chainring Shimano Hg+
96 Bcd Xt M8000 Drop Stop Chainring Shimano Hg+

96 Bcd Xt M8000 Drop Stop Chainring Shimano Hg+

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Looking for a 1X chainring for your new Shimano XT, SLX or Deore crankset with the proven chain retention of our Drop-Stop® chainrings? Wolf Tooth has what you need in the form of a beautifully machined asymmetrical 96 mm BCD that provides the ideal 1X chainline of 49mm. The Drop-Stop® tooth design is the best performing on the market, with exceptional durability. 

Drop-Stop ST Chainrings are only compatible with Shimano 12-speed HG+ and KMC 12-Speed chains.

  • Drop-Stop technology: On Wolf Tooth’s patented wide/narrow chainring, the wide side of the tooth has maximum contact on the drive side which spreads the load and improves chainring life. The narrow side allows clearance for mud and debris which reduces friction.
  • Alternating wide/narrow tooth pattern prevents chain derailment.


  • These rings fit on Shimano XT M8000, SLX M7000, Deore M6000, or FC MT5100 1x or 2x cranksets
  • Not compatible with Deore triple (3x) cranksets. 
  • Designed to meet the requirements for E-bike use.
  • Chainring Bolts: 10mm bolts are optimized for mounting this ring
  • Drop-Stop ST models will have the same chainline as the Shimano specified chainline
  • Drivetrains: 1x12 drivetrains using HG12+ or KMC 12-speed chains only


Wolf Tooth’s patented Drop-Stop® wide/narrow tooth profile delivers ultimate chain retention and mud shedding ability. See below for Drop-Stop ST compatibility.

2023 Wolf Tooth Drop Stop explainer


  • We recommend the use of a clutch style rear derailleur for the best chain security.
  • If you plan to ride in very muddy conditions, we recommend a chainguide or chainkeeper in addition to a clutch-type rear derailleur. Without these precautions, you may experience chaindrops and/or chainsuck.



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