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With many pedal manufactures going away from 15mm wrench flats the traditional pedal wrench is becoming obsolete. To further complicate things some manufactures require both 6 and 8 millimetre keys within their product range. This means it's hard to know exactly what tool to grab for pedal removal or installation. Enter the Abbey Shop Pedal Wrench. With the once standard 15mm box end on one end and a custom 6 and 8 millimetre swivel bit on the opposite end it's the only pedal wrench you'll ever need. Perfect to keep at the fit station, on the sales floor, rental fleet counter and certainly at the tool bench. 

The shop version of the tool gets an extra 6" (15cm) of leverage over the team issue for an overall length of 18" Great for removing those suborn pedals. The tool receives a durable black Cerakote finish. 

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