Abbey Rockshox Reverb Wrench

Abbey Rockshox Reverb Wrench

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The Reverb is an advanced and complicated component and service becomes a breeze with this speciality wrench. Designed for use on the inner seal head and upper collet of both 30.9 and 31.6 millimeter version of the Reverb dropper post. 

This series of wrenches comes as a result of our collaboration with RockShox to develop a series of tools specifically for their suspension components. Built to hold the thin aluminum parts of the dampers to avoid damage. These wrenches are built with the same tool grade aluminum to tight tolerances to give you years of trouble free use. They will not damage or mar the sensitive parts inside your seastpost when used with care, keeping you and your customers happy. They also feature a 3/8" square drive in the middle to use with your favorite torque wrench during reassembly. 

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