Abbey Saw Guide

Abbey Saw Guide

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Trimming steer tubes hasn't gotten any easier on modern bikes. In the search for a super clean look, bikes are routing cables through headsets and steer tubes and it's made tasks that use to be quick and simple a major time suck. Until now! The unique thing about our Saw Guide is that the clamp is open, so you can slide it around the steer tube instead of having to slide it over the end. It doesn't sound like that big of a deal but it means you can get an accurate and square cut without taking the fork off the bike and more importantly without taking all the cables out of the bike. Use this tool once for that application and it's paid for itself. Of course it will work on normal steer tubes as well and give you a nice square cut every time.
The guide is two sided, one side for standard toothed metal cutting blades and the opposite side is wider for abrasive blades used to cut composites. You can also use the guide in a vise like you're probably use to and it's pretty compact if you want to travel with it.

Compatible with 1" and 1.125" steer tubes

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