Abbey Drift Kit for DUB Pressfit BB

Abbey SRAM Bottom Bracket Drift Kit

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Bearing drift designed for the SRAM DUB crank platform and use with the Abbey Bike Tools Modular bearing press.

SRAM recently launched a new crank platform called DUB to improve bearing durability and compatibility that modern frames have dictated. This 28.99mm spindle and it's press fit bottom bracket requires some special drifts to install correctly. We worked with the crew at SRAM to develop tools for this and came up with some simple and important tweaks from a standard bearing drift. 

These Abbey Bike Tools drifts have a tapered boss that forces the small O ring into it's gland. A normal drift with a square boss can easily tear that fragile O ring that helps with bearing durability. So this basic modification keeps makes sure your bottom bracket sees the durability it was designed to have.  

Comes as a set of two drifts. 

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