Abbey Suspension Top Cap Sockets - Full Set
Abbey Suspension Top Cap Sockets - Full Set Side

Abbey Suspension Top Cap Sockets - Full Set

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Suspension service is a specialty within bicycle repair and it takes specialized tools to perform this work. One of the things that any factory tech will tell you is nice to have are sockets specifically made or altered for the low profile hex on the top of each fork leg. The lead in or chamfer on a standard socket will greatly decrease the contact between tool and part and can easily scratch or deform those nuts. For years shops have been grinding down their sockets to remove the chamfer. Problem is you're still often left with a loose fitting socket that is still prone to chewing up those delicate parts. That's why we started from scratch.

We made our sockets from billet aluminum to exacting tolerances to keep these parts in good shape. fully CNC'd machined with zero lead in, they make the specialty that is suspension service a little bit easier. They feature a 3/8" square drive for use with your favorite torque wrench as well as finger splines to help run the top caps into the fork legs with those oil soaked hands. We also kept them short (1" or 25mm for all sizes) to reduce the chance of them caming off of the top cap under torque. 

Socket Set includes: 24, 26, 27, 28, 30 and 32

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