Apidura E Bike Charger Pack 1.6 L
Apidura E Bike Charger Pack 1.6 L
Apidura E Bike Charger Pack 1.6 L
Apidura E Bike Charger Pack 1.6 L
Apidura E Bike Charger Pack 1.6 L

Apidura E Bike Charger Pack 1.6 L

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Designed to maximise your E-bike adventures, the Expedition E-Bike Charger Pack is a padded, waterproof bag for safely and easily transporting e-bike chargers and electronics.

Combining internal structural support and PU Foam for shockproof construction, the Expedition E-Bike Charger Pack (1.6L) is a versatile solution for carrying an E-bike charger safely and securely on the downtube of an E-bike. Waterproof materials, welded construction and a roll-top design create a versatile and compressible storage for E-bikepacking or E-touring, removing the need to carry a heavy spare battery.

The Expedition E-Bike Charger Pack securely fastens to the downtube with a customizable velcro attachment compatible with even the largest of E-bike tube diameters, with anti-slip strips helping to avoid unwanted movement on rough terrain.

Compatible with compact E-bike chargers from major brands like Bosch, Shimano, SRAM and Specialized, the Expedition E-Bike Charger Pack is designed to work without mounts or a cage. We do not recommend mounting the Expedition E-Bike Charger Pack on tubes with a circumference of less than 9.5cm, such as seat stays and forks.

  • Single motion velcro attachment
  • Shockproof construction - internal structural support, combined with PU foam lining, keeps contents safe from damage 
  • Compression channel in the foam structure at the rear of the pack deforms to the shape of your tube for secure attachment
  • Anti-slip strap
  • Stability system for added security and placement options
  • Waterproof, seam-welded construction


Created for road riding and long-distance tours, the Expedition Series is built from a lightweight material that provides unparalleled waterproofing and defence from the most punishing conditions.



Weight: 120g
Width: 8cm

2024 Apidura DWE Specifications


The bike frame bag is made from Hexalon, a bespoke laminated fabric developed specifically for Apidura. Designed to fit the demands of ultra-distance cycling competition, the material is waterproof and lightweight, with strong tear and abrasion resistance.

Apidura 2022 - Hexalon

Care Instructions

Wash the E-bike Charger Pack by hand, using a mild diluted soap if necessary. Afterwards, let it air dry.

Do not machine wash, machine dry, or iron.


We’re an independent, family-run business of cyclists, makers and problem solvers, brought together by a shared mission to find better ways to explore the world by bike.

Apidura was born from necessity; pioneering ultralight, rackless packing systems to help us take our love of cycling further and allow riders to unlock their instinct for adventure. As devoted adventure cyclists, we design with our fellow riders in mind, creating products that address genuine needs and bring new value to the bikepacking scene. We create the best packs we can, using technical materials and precision crafting techniques – and when we find a way to improve them we do so straight away and without fanfare. We don’t do ‘seasons’, limited editions or discount our gear – we simply create the best possible technical bikepacking gear that’s built to last.

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