BFD-04 RoadCatcher
BFD-04 RoadCatcher (side)
BFD-04 RoadCatcher (top)

BBB - RoadCatcher II Rear Mudguard

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If you’re a road cyclist that takes any pride in their finely tuned machine, fenders are an item you try to avoid. Their looks simply don’t match the esthetic of your bike. When we set out to design a new rear fender for road bikes we wanted to keep the profile as minimal and sleek as possible while maintaining good protection. We came up with a long and stiff model in an aerodynamic outline. It mounts with our proprietary RingFix mount that comes completely off, when the fender is not in use. The exact position of the RoadCatcher can be adjusted by hand or with tools for an optimal placement. We’ve even added a frame protection sticker to the package to prevent any possible scratching of your beloved frame. Now there’s no excuse to put a tire spray in the face of the poor guy who has to ride behind you in the pace line.

  • High-tech rear fender for road bikes
  • Protects against water spray and road grime
  • Adjustable, by hand and tool, to be perfectly alligned with your tire
  • Ringfix Aero quick release system with pre-applied seatpost protection sticker
  • Fits on regular and aero seatposts


Mounting location: Seatpost

Max. tyre width (mm): 28

Wheel size (inch): 27,5, 28

Adjustable: Angle

Material: PP

Quick release type: Ringfix Aero

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