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Cane Creek Kitsuma Coil

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Pro-Tune at Your Fingertips

The whole idea behind the DB Kitsuma shock was to take a complex and high-tech piece of componentry and make it very intuitive and easy to use for the rider.  From our time meeting and riding with riders and dealers at events across the country it became clear that most riders’ suspension settings are not optimal – in many cases the suspension may be hindering riders. One of the reasons is that dialing in suspension is largely a trial and error process on the trail which is hampered by access and the need for tools. Thus, we set out to make it easy for riders to get the most out of their shock by making adjustments easier and less intimidating.


  • Wider Range of Adjustment
  • See and Feel What Your Settings Are
  • Tool-Free Adjustment 
  • Three Position Climb Switch

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