Chapter2 Kaha Gravel Kapua (Grey + Blue)
Chapter2 Kaha Gravel Kapua (Grey + Blue)
Chapter2 Kaha Gravel Kapua (Grey + Blue)
Chapter2 Kaha Gravel Kapua (Grey + Blue)
Chapter2 Kaha Gravel Kapua (Grey + Blue)

Chapter2 Kaha Gravel Kapua (Grey + Blue)

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Speed! We all seek it, we all thrive on it. The KAHA is here to deliver your need for speed in a comprehensively designed and engineered frame with an optional integrated handlebar system that will have you fizzing with excitement when you get down and dirty with your next Gravel Adventure.

As Gravel Racing becomes more and more global, racers are looking for that extra marginal gain that will give you that extra edge, whether you are racing Unbound Gravel or SBT, or just out there in the wild exploring the local trails. This is where the KAHA steps in, providing the perfect tool for the job.

The design brief for the KAHA was relatively simple: scratched onto the back of an envelope were the words “Controlled Speed”. However, the journey to arrive at the perfect solution was anything but simple. We don’t want to skimp on practical details like storage, pannier/fender racks, or ability to fit TT-Clip bars. Iteration after iteration, review after review, every little detail and decision was scrutinized to the nth degree.

Needless to say, all that effort was worth it, as the final product achieves all the performance metrics we had envisioned for a high-performance gravel racer.


  • Multiple Mounting Points - Attach multiple bottle and accessory cages, and the option of a bolt-on top-tube pack
  • Downtube Storage - Stow your Di2 Battery and food/accessories inside the frame
  • Cable Integration - Improved aerodynamics & clean aesthetics
  • Up to 47mm Tire Clearance - Increased Tire Options
  • Dropped Stays - Improved Compliance for Endurance Rides
  • T47 BB - Noise-free & Easy to Service
  • Disc Brakes Only - Improved Braking & Modulation
  • Frameset Only - Bespoke & Personal
  • Limited Edition - Exclusivity

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CHAPTER2 is an exclusive brand with a boutique spirit, crafting framesets for discerning individuals who believe the process of creating a personal statement is as important as building their dream bike.

At the heart of CHAPTER2, we find the extraordinary and diverse nature of New Zealand sculpted in each frame design. This earth is inhabited by 1,000 years of Māori heritage known for its legendary warrior spirit, which is our soul, our inspiration, our why. CHAPTER2 bikes use Japanese-made Toray® carbon fibre exclusively and have all been fully tested at Auckland University’s Wind Tunnel, the same facility where Emirates Team NZ (America’s Cup) does their testing.




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