CRUZEE Balance Bike Gold

Cruzee Balance Bike Spare parts

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Cruzee Balance Bike Spare parts

Your child’s first bike is a joyous milestone – the beginning of mobile independence, new found confidence and skills. To build the world’s best balance bike we have made it ultra light so as soon as children are able to walk they can manoeuvre their Cruzee without battling a heavy steel frame. We have made it incredibly durable, your Cruzee will not rust, will not ever have a flat tyre, has no oily bits and the anodonised aluminium finish will ensure any scratches will not make your eyes sore. Cruzee also boasts the widest size adjustability of balance bikes in the world, it will grow with your child from about 18 months to 5 years.

Spare parts for Cruzee bikes


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