Enve G Series G27 Wheelset Gravel 650 B
Enve G Series G27 Wheelset Gravel 650 B
Enve G Series G27 Wheelset Gravel 650 B
Enve G Series G27 Wheelset Gravel 650 B
Enve G Series G27 Wheelset Gravel 650 B

Enve G Series G27 Wheelset Gravel 650 B

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Every ENVE G-Series wheelset is hand built in Wide Open's specialist workshop by a craftsman wheelbuilder. Our expertise and precise control over the build process ensure that every wheel we produce delivers the ultimate in performance and reliability.

The G27 is the ultimate gravel component, capable of transforming any drop bar bike into an off-road capable rig. When 650B wheels are paired with larger volume tyres, the actual diameter of the outside of the tyre is close to a 700c wheel with a smaller tyre. This means frame geometry stays consistent between wheel sizes, but the 650B wheel adds more tyre and therefore lower tyre pressures. This makes a drop-bar 700c bike more confidence-inspiring over rough terrain.


The G27 is the widest, and also the lightest, road/gravel wheel we make. At 320g per rim, built wheelsets can be as low as 1257 grams. Paired with a generous 27mm width, these lightweights can be paired with wider tires to create a wheel system that’s equal or lighter in weight to other wheels, while being stronger, quicker and more capable.


With an inner rim width of 27mm, the G27 is designed to be paired with gravel treads between 35 and 45mm. Tyres in these widths provide control and traction that optimize the experience of gravel riding endeavors. Many tyres in this spec however do not offer much by way of pinch-flat protection. The forward-looking G27 uses our Wide Hookless Bead anti-flat technology to combat ride-ending pothole encounters. Wide beads provide a larger, more forgiving surface during bottom outs, protecting the tyre from the dreaded pinch-flat. This technology means you can ride the tyre pressures you want, confidently, without limitations.


Designed to be run with tires between 42c and 2.25”, in pressures as low as 20 PSI, the G27 was made to run low. Low pressures means fewer flats, more control, and surprising to some, lower rolling resistance. G series wheels are intended for tubeless applications and feature a molded bead-lock to ensure that your tires will remain secure and sealed to the rim over even the roughest terrain. Despite ‘minimum PSI’ markings to the contrary, many riders are experimenting with pressure setting in the 20s, thanks to the bead-lock and Wide Hookless Bead technologies.

Simply put, the G27 exceeds the performance and ride quality demands of serious mixed surface cyclists. Armed against pinch flats, with a tough, relentless but refined character, it is the king of the road, path and trail. 

"The fire-road descent is where we felt the G27's unique design come into play the most... they gobbled up the roots and spit out the rocks."

- Road Bike Action


HOLE COUNT: 24h/24h
HUB: Your choice of ENVE Alloy or Chris King R45
SPOKES: Sapim CX-Ray
NIPPLES: Brass Internal
SPACING: 142 X 12mm / 100 X 12mm
WEIGHT: 1289g (Chris King R45) / 1275g (ENVE Alloy) 


ENVE Products are designed so that you can ride and race with confidence. As a member of the ENVE family, we’ve got your back. If something goes wrong, we are committed to do everything in our power to keep you rolling. Please click here for detailed information about ENVE's  Incidental Damage Policy and Factory Warranty




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