EXT Era V2.1 Long Fork
EXT Era V2.1 Long Fork
EXT Era V2.1 Long Fork

EXT Era V2.1 Long Fork

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Suspension is one part of a complex system, connected to the bike and directly to the rider. We took a new approach when designing the ERA V2 fork, looking at dynamic geometry, bringing together the needs of the bike and rider to offer the best performance to both.
The ERA V2 fork uses our HS3, hybrid air spring. Two positive air chambers work with one, high volume self activating negative air chamber. Combined with a high-volume damper cartridge this system offers incredible tuning capability and sets a new level for support in a suspension fork.

The Era V2 introduces features and upgrades that aims to improve the experience, safety and performance of the previous production.

Era V2 Long Travel Specifications

  • Dedicated to long travel e-bikes
  • Stem/crown integrated design to increase frontal
    stiffness and prevent cracking noises
  • HS3 Hybrid System
  • New self adjusting larger negative chamber
  • High-flow 3-way cartridge with high-speed & low-speed compression plus rebound adjustment
  • Lowers with floating axle design in order to minimize
    friction and stiction
  • Dedicated “Thixomolding Lower Technology” construction
    with increased torsional and axial stiffness
  • Dedicated stanchion construction with increased wall thickness to enhance stiffness
  • Increased DU guiding system overlap to implement safety and riding precision
  • New hydraulic specification for better damping adjustment

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